Swimming Pool Builders in Waxahachie, Mansfield, TX, Glenn Heights, and Surrounding Areas

It’s summertime! Your kids would want to spend the maximum amount of time in a swimming pool. As seasoned swimming pool builders, Splash Away Pool and Spa can bring you unique ideas that will transform your backyard into a lovely oasis. Bill and Sharon, a married couple, run our company and they believe in providing trusted and professional  Craftsman and attention to every detail as they know they are giving life to your dreams. We have even customized the pool area as per the needs and requirements of the people of Waxahachie, Mansfield, TX, Midlothian, Glenn Heights, and Ovilla; and this is why our referral customer list is growing with time.

Beautiful new Swimming Pool Builders in Waxahachie, Mansfield, TX, Glenn Heights, and Surrounding Areas

Below we have mentioned 3 important factors to consider before building a swimming pool on your property. Take a look.

  • Be informed about the zoning laws

Before you start all the planning and schedule a consultation, make sure to get the correct building permits and permission from the local authority to avoid any future disagreements.


  • Build a quality filtration system

Every pool, indoor or outdoor requires salt water, magnesium, or chlorine in it to keep the water sparkling and fresh. Make sure you have a reliable and highly efficient filtration system while constructing the pool so that there is no hindrance to proper water circulation throughout the day.


  • How much can you maintain

though the idea of a swimming pool can be very appealing, if not properly constructed and maintained, it can have an adverse effect and decrease the aesthetic as well as the monetary value of your property.  Have a good discussion with a pool technician before taking the plunge.

So, if you have any other queries regarding building a swimming pool in your backyard, you can have a chat with our experts at 817- 907- 5677.