Get Financing For Your Inground Swimming Pools, Patio Pergola, or Outdoor Kitchen in Midlothian, Glenn Heights, Waxahachie, Ovilla, Mansfield, TX, Ellis County and the Surrounding Areas

Everyone deserves to get the backyard oasis of their dreams.

Take ahold of the opportunity to get family time now. Getting your new pool and outdoor living area is easier than ever with Splash Away Pool and Spa and available with financing options. Now you can get started without having to pay for it all right now.

Financing for Custom Pools and Outdoor Kitchens

The experienced team at Splash Away Pool and Spa is here to transform your backyard into an oasis you’ll love for years to come. We’re a hands-on team that takes pride in creating the backyard pool you’ve always longed for. Financing is available to help homeowners get their backyard dreams faster than ever.

  • Dreaming of a backyard oasis?
  • Loving the idea of an outdoor living room?
  • Can’t make it through another summer without an inground pool?
  • Want to host and entertain more with an outdoor kitchen?

It’s all possible and the best part is you can get started on the backyard oasis you want now.

Three ways to get your new inground swimming pool:

Building inground swimming pools and outdoor living areas are home improvement projects that can be done through home improvement loans and other financing options. Read below to learn more.

Home Improvement Loan

The home improvement loan is the most popular option among homeowners looking to renovate or add new features to the home, and to increase the valkue of the property. A minimum credit score of 660 is required and a credit score 700+ is preferred. It offers the lowest rates, longest terms, and interest is tax deductible.

If you’ve just moved into a new home, you may still qualify for a home improvement loan. Certain home improvement loans will allow the purchase price to serve as a basis of calculation for up to two years after the purchase.

To calculate what you may be able to finance with a home improvement loan, you will need the following pieces of information:

  • Current Home Value – recent purchase price or appraised value. A good way of estimating appraised value is to look up your home on the county appraisal district and add 10%. (Ellis County –
  • Current Mortgage Balance
  • Credit Score

What is the typical interest rate for a home improvement loan?

Interest rates are determined uniquely for each customer based on the following:

  • Credit Score
  • Debt-to-Income
  • Length of Terms
  • Amount Borrowed
  • Loan-to-Value

Please contact one of our preferred lenders for additional program and rate information.

Splash Away Pool & Spa

  • Ellis County Homeowners, existing home equity, and credit scores above 700 will likely find their best program with First Financial Bank.
  • Homeowners outside of Ellis County, existing home equity, and credit scores above 700 will likely find their best program with Certified Funding, L.P.
  • Homeowners that have just moved into a new home and/or limited on home equity will likely find their best program with Certified Funding Home Improvement or an unsecured loan with one of our unsecured lending partners Lyon Financial or HFS Financial.

Inground Pool Financing: Certified Funding, L.P.

Certified Funding, L.P.

Toll Free: 800-858-7343
Phone: 972-248-0200

First Financial Bank

First Financial Bank

Chris Schjetnan
Senior Vice President
Phone: 817-774-5155

Unsecured Signature Loan

An Unsecured Signature loan is 100% based on personal credit score and debt-to-income ratios. Unsecured loans are great options for short-term needs or to acquire a home improvement loan. Short-term unsecured loans can have attractive interest rates while longer term unsecured loans typically have higher interest rates. Lenders prefer credit scores 700 or higher and terms are available up to 20 years. Limited programs may be available for credit scores less than 700. Most programs will provide staged funding direct to Splash Away Pool & Spa per contract terms. Other programs will provide funding directly to the customer. This allows the customer to pay directly to Splash Away Pool & Spa per the contract terms. This method allows customers to roll several purchases into one loan without involving all purchases through the Splash Away Pool & Spa contract.

Financing for Outdoor Kitchens: Lyon Financial

Lyon Financial

Phone: 877-754-5966


HFS Home Improvement Loans

HFS Financial Home Improvement Loans

Whether you want to buy an above-ground pool or build an inground pool, you’re going to need financing to get this home improvement project done. HFS Financial can help you find financing options for a new swimming pool. Why use HFS Financial? HFS specializes in helping consumers find the right swimming pool loans and having the most pleasant overall experience.


Refinance Existing Mortgage

This is an excellent method of financing or for homeowners that want to renovate a home. Whether purchasing or refinancing, this loan can do it all in just one transaction.

Loan Program features:

  • Repair/renovation costs can be rolled into one loan
  • Major items & luxury items are allowed
  • Low Down Payments
  • Loan amounts up to $417,000
  • Loan closes before construction begins. Money is disbursed on a draw basis after closing. Only one loan closing.
  • Can include exterior and interior renovations: pool, deck, outdoor kitchen, landscaping, irrigation, fence, sauna, gutter, game rooms, bathrooms, indoor kitchen, floors, cabinets

Gateway Mortgage Group Logo

Gateway Mortgage Group

Lance Wallace, Loan Officer
Office: 469-383-3340
Mobile: 903-571-9869

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Easy and Quick Custom Pool Financing

We work with a number of different loan companies to make your backyards dreams a reality. Let’s get started today on making the memories that will last a lifetime.

Once our financing partners have received your information through their secure website, one of the team members will be assigned to your inquiry. You’ll receive a call within 24 hours to discuss your loan needs for your project. With your approval, your information will be transmitted securely to third-party lenders to help obtain the perfect loan for your needs. Simple, fast, accurate, and completely confidential. That’s the type of service provided for clients seeking swimming pool loans and home improvement loans.