Waterfall Installation in Glenn Heights, Midlothian, Mansfield, Waxahachie, Ovilla, TX, Ellis County and the Surrounding Areas

Many customers love the idea of a waterfall but aren’t sure if they’ll be able to add it to their new inground pool. Well, here’s the beauty of custom pools – anything you want can be incorporated into the design for your backyard oasis! A waterfall installation can be the main focal point of your new custom pool or it can be a minor element that adds to the overall design. Get the natural features, height, sound, and overall beauty from a waterfall installation in your custom pool.

Custom Water Enhancements

Now is a great time to look for enhancements you can add when designing your custom pool. Your guests will go from water feature to water feature amazed at the customized features your pool includes. It will be very hard for you not to fall for our gorgeous waterfalls and other water effects that we carry for your pool.

Scuppers – these are openings and slots in walls for water to flow into your pool.

Sheetfall – a sheet of water that falls often with little noise

Sconce – a narrow stream of water out of a scupper that looks like an ancient Roman spring

Scupper bowl – a stationary bowl with water appearing to overflow or be poured out

Spitters, deck and laminar jets – an option at all price ranges for sound, color, and visual effects. Sometimes these will include a sculpture, such as a dolphin or frog, with the water shooting from the animal’s mouth.

Fountain bubbler – often on sunning ledges or baja cliffs, these are water features that shoot up and then land on themselves. Very popular with small children or to mark shallow areas.

Rainfall curtain – water falling in thin streams to form a curtain. Can be from a beam or part of an overhead feature separating a grotto.

Rock waterfall – a complete customized waterfall installation every time! As grand or subdued, noisy or quiet as you’d like. Add multiple layers, height and with even more features including lights.

Benefits of a Waterfall Installation

Believe it or not, a waterfall adds more than just a visual element. Waterfalls bring in the sound of a natural environment to your backyard, so you are getting a different ecosystem just by walking out your back door. And, a waterfall installation by a professional pool builder can actually help your pool.

Adding white noise. Some customers may live near a busy road or close to their neighbors. Creating a natural white noise is a way of controlling the sounds you hear. The steady sound can be very relaxing in a calm and natural way.

Filtration. Water features keep water moving and help your inground pool clean itself. The constant movement helps push water to filters and reduce algae growth. Additionally, water features can help cool water during hot Texas summers.

The possibilities are limitless.
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Affordable Water Feature Add-ons

Water features can be a great add-on when going through a pool remodel or designing your custom pool. Some use your pool’s water circulation system so there are no additional pumps. Others can be featured with simple LED lights that cost less than you think. Call us to find out more about adding a water installation or water features during your pool remodel or new inground pool installation.

Full Water Feature Automation

Splash Away Pool and Spa utilizes automation systems that empower pool owners with full control of their pool, including water features. Turn on features, control speed, lighting and more at the tap of a button from anywhere in the world with the push of a button. Pool convenience has never been easier.