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Meet the Owners of Splash Away Pools
At the heart of Splash Away Pool and Spa are a married couple, Bill and Sharon. Sharon is the designer that will make the 3D rendering of your pool based on your requests. You’ll be able to see your new pool from every angle. Fly over it, see it from every direction and more.

Bill is the head of construction and is on-site for every job with a hands-on level of involvement that began from day one when he launched Splash Away Pools and Spas. He approaches each job with the belief that every project worth doing is worth doing right. When the Splash Away Pool and Spa name is on the line, there is no room for poor quality or unhappy customers, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Splash Away crew is made of professional craftsmen that have worked on other Splash Away projects and trusted for their work and attention to detail. We pay our bills on time which creates excellent relationships with our partners and manufacturers. We have been growing every year since we’ve been in business. Our customers have trusted us to build their dream pool, add features and outdoor rooms. And when they move, they call us to work on their next house.