Waterfall Installation in Glenn Heights, Mansfield, Midlothian, Ovilla, and Waxahachie, TX

Perhaps you have a really nice outdoor pool in your Ovilla backyard, but it’s just plain. Or you might have an outdoor pond or a space that you want to do something with. What you might look at to enhance your outdoor space is installing a waterfall feature. Splash Away Pool and Spa have been installing custom waterfalls for years, and they want to help make your space pop.

Whether you have modest ideas for your space, or you want your waterfall to be the envy of the neighborhood, Splash Away Pool and Spa will help make your Midlothian dream a reality. But don’t think that pleasing aesthetics are the only reason to add a waterfall.

Waterfall Installation in Glenn Heights, Mansfield, Midlothian, Ovilla, and Waxahachie, TXBenefits to A Waterfall Installation

The first benefit is the transformation of your Glenn Heights pool from being a standard pool to being an experience. It makes your pool feel like an oasis or like having a high-end spa in your backyard. Not only will it visually enhance the pool and the whole area, but the sound of splashing water is a relaxing feature. It helps to drown out other sounds so that you can relax in solitude.

A second benefit of adding a waterfall to your Waxahachie pool is that it is a great way to handle a filtration system. Because you need to build up rocks for the water to flow over, you have some space to not only put a pump but also a filtration unit to help keep your pool clean. Additionally, moving water inhibits algae growth, so you won’t have to worry about big algae build up in your Red Oak pool.

Another benefit of a waterfall is that it is a magnet for play. There’s just something about being able to step under a waterfall and just let the water melt all your worries away, and the kids love to play under it as well. Additionally, you might add a small waterslide with the waterfall to further enhance the fun. An inviting pool is one that is used and enjoyed by all.

A final benefit of having a waterfall installation is increased value. Having a pool increases your Mansfield property’s value, but when you add a waterfall to that pool, you further increase that value because your pool now becomes a destination place for play and relaxation. Everyone wants to have that little oasis at home, and the waterfall makes your pool that oasis you’ve always wanted.