Patio Pergolas in Glen Heights, Mansfield, Midlothian, Ovilla, Red Oak, and Waxahachie, TX

You have a wonderful outdoor space in Midlothian, but it’s lacking something. Often what these spaces are lacking is some sort of structure that may or may not be covered in some fashion. The most common and best option for your outdoor space is a pergola.

But what is a pergola? How big are they? What are they made of? Are they attached to other buildings or freestanding? All of these questions and more can be readily answered with a call to Splash Away Pool and Spa, and you will learn the benefits of adding a patio pergola to your Waxahachie outdoor space.

Patio Pergolas in Glen Heights, Mansfield, Midlothian, Ovilla, Red Oak, and Waxahachie, TXWhat Is A Pergola?

Often when you talk with people and mention that you are thinking of adding a pergola to your Red Oak patio, they will get a quizzical look on their face. They can’t really picture what a pergola is because they don’t know about them. So let’s talk about what they are and what they aren’t. Pergolas are larger structures that can be freestanding but can also be attached to a home or other building. They often have a beam and rafter roofing grid, but can sometimes be a full roof. This roof is supported by columns as well.

Pergolas are not arbors, which are much smaller in size, and are not designed to have chairs under them for sitting. They are also not gazebos, which are traditionally round and have a solid roof. You would also not call a pergola a carport, as that isn’t what they are designed for, and carports have a solid roof to protect the vehicle underneath.

Benefits of A Patio Pergola

There are a number of benefits to having a pergola on your Ovilla patio. The first benefit is that they add an aspect of beauty. A pergola is a unique structure that is not seen often, and it’s a structure that adds character to your Glen Heights patio or outdoor space. The second benefit of a pergola is that they are perfect structures to have climbing vines and flowers on. Pergolas provide the latticework needed for climbing plants to make their home, and it produces a wonderful aesthetic to your patio.

Another benefit to a pergola is that they can define spaces without themselves seeming very confining. Because of their open design, pergolas are airy, but they also provide some structure and form a natural gathering space for your Mansfield patio. Lastly, pergolas are affordable because there is not much to them. Simple posts for holding up the grid roof, and the grid roof itself is easy to assemble and maintain. Such a simple structure yet has a large impact, and Splash Away Pool and Spa can build one for you.